Reblog if you suffer from ‘Taylor Swift Track 5 Syndrome’


Symptoms include: Cold as You, White Horse, Dear John, All Too Well

Possible cure: cry


that one line from mean girls no one seems to remember or quote extensively


I’m still amazed that this image got nearly 120K notes. Well, I’m glad to help out the artist since she doesn’t use social media, so here’s the full version. :)

The Queen on Fire, by Rika Chan.


those cashiers that let you buy things when you’re missing a few cents deserve to live forever

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What a weird piano.


pool party at my house bring your own pool 

daywaffle said:
put a song in my ask and i’ll tell you my favourite line of it: All Too Well and You're No One 'Till Someone Let's You Down ~

Well, damn.

All Too Well:


"And you called me up again just to break me like a promise / so casually cool in the name of being honest."

You’re No One ‘Till Someone Let’s You Down

"Yes, I’ve been told that some people grow old / without losing a part of their soul / but if that is true / I don’t wish it on you / there’s so much to adore in a heart that is blue"

thank you :3

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  • me: *puts earphones in*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: oh right
  • me: *plays music*

  • I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me—which became my YouTube channel. A girl in my Spanish class found my YouTube videos and showed them to my teacher. At the end of class one day my teacher said, “pack up, movie time,” and she dropped down this screen and put on my videos. I started freaking out. Everyone was laughing and I just ran out. The girl who had told my teacher didn’t understand why I left, and she said, “You’re really funny, you should be an actor.” So that was one of the first times I thought about it.


    my dog likes think she’s really small and can share a chair 




    my brother left because there was no room on the chair